Organizing Business Cards for Effective Contact Management

Now that you've had colorful new business cards printed, and have been distributing them diligently, what do you do with the cards you collect from other people?

If you're like most people, you have a stack of rubber-banded cards floating around you desk. Or you have been using them as bookmarks, toothpicks, and used gum wrappers and they are all over your office, car, wallet and purse?

Without a good filing system, the information on those cards is useless. So clean out your desk and develop a system for prioritizing, organizing, and following up with those contacts.

High Tech or Old School?

There are two choices for organizing business cards:

  • The traditional way of keeping them in a card file
  • The contemporary method of keeping contact info on a computer file

When you return from a networking meeting or trade show, before you do anything else, update your contacts. Rank the cards you've collected in order of importance before you put them away. Separate warm leads who are likely to bring you business, people with whom you definitely want to follow up, and whose information you want at your fingertips. This can include prospects, people you will refer to others, or who will send referrals to you.

Don't be afraid to throw away cards from people you will never contact or refer. You can file cold leads somewhere else or toss them into the trash.

Know Your ABZ's...

How you alphabetize and file your cards is up to you. Decide how you remember information best -- whether it's by company names, people's names, or by category. Perhaps you are better able to find information if it is organized by region or department. Then, alphabetize them appropriately.

You might also file by date or by the event where you met the person. Just choose one way and stick to it. For instance, don't file some by last name and others by business name, or you'll never find what you're looking for in a pinch.

Electronic = Portable and Duplicable

Storing contact information on the computer keeps your office neater and is one more step toward the paperless office. For most people searching on computer is more efficient than rummaging through paper cards. In seconds, you can run a sort and locate contacts by company, name, dog's name, date you met, etc. If you bring work home with you, it's easy to duplicate your contact list, rather than hauling your entire Rolodex with you.

Storing info electronically is also effective for building mailing lists and printing labels. But remember, backup, backup, backup. I was a high-tech junkie until my hard drive crashed and I didn't have a backup of my computer database. Good thing I kept those hard copies!

There are numerous programs on the market to organize contact information, such as Act or Outlook. I put all of my information in Microsoft Access.

For a low-tech backup, I use a plastic card file box with alphabetical dividers, filing my cards by last name. I also prefer to use transparent sleeves to store business cards in, since I almost always file business cards instead of handwriting the information on blank cards. The sleeves are a uniform size, keeping the box tidy. But you may be different--any system will work, as long as you are consistent with it.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

Some people say you should keep every business card you have ever received, while others think you should throw away the cards you will never use. With the rapidity of people moving around and switching companies today, I throw away cards of contacts I haven't been in touch with for three years. By then their contact information has surely changed, so even if I did want to get in touch with them, it's not likely that I will.

If you insist on holding on to old information, archive those business cards in a separate database or card box. Since I make notes on the backs of cards when I meet people, I always know the date when I first made contact; notes also help refresh my memory of people I haven't been in close contact with.

Finally, remember to follow up with your contacts! Keep a schedule and goals for making contact by phone calls, emails, or snail mail. Periodically go through your filing system and update or delete old information. The reason you store this information is to keep in touch with people -- use your new organizing system to stay efficient and your business will thrive!

Do your business cards work as hard as you do to gain new contacts? If not, you need cards that will grab attention and spur curiousity.

Design or upload full color business cards online and have them delivered to your doorstep in days.

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David Ogilvy was known the world over as being the "Father of Advertising." In this, How to Create Advertising That Sells Review, we'll look at the most compelling information ever put together on the maxims of advertising. It was created from decades of market research and delivers on the promise of being the most powerful advertising tool available.

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So you've hired an ad agency. You liked their work, their success stories, and their people. Even their pricing suits you. So why would you want to know how to lose them? Seriously, if it were a conscious decision you wouldn't waste time, you'd can them and try again, right?

So your firm needs a marketing manager and the whole cost/benefit issue is still nagging at you. Well, the bad news is that there are other reasons why adding to your staff may not be best for your company.

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There's no question that signage is vital for businesses. Sign companies serve a variety of purposes, everything from telling customers where your business is located, highlighting brands they might find on the premises to something as basic as store hours and whether the business is open or closed. However, not all signs are created equal in this age of new and innovative technology.

The do-it-yourself advertising solution is a platform for buying and publishing advertisements with minimum effort from the website owner. Self-service ad serving helps a website owner to handle many advertisers instead of just a few large advertisers. First, self-service ad serving requires a suitable ad server for your website. With a good ad server, you can have total control of your ad inventory, price, payment, authorization and approval for publishing ads on your site. In general, a self-service ad server works like this:

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Don't you like receiving gifts or presents in nice and attractive looking boxes? Do you believe that good presentation is important when sending someone something of importance? Well they say 'first impression is the last impression' and how true! Many marketing experts and business Gurus believe that business products sent in customized boxes are an effective way of presentation and marketing.

This article talks about how politicians can hire an ad agency to advertise their work. They have realized the worth of advertising and its effect on today's youth.

In order for a business to succeed, as many people as possible need to be introduced to the product or service that is being offered. In order for that to happen, you will need to put together a solid marketing strategy that will encompass a number of different mediums so that your ads reach as many people as possible. The problem with doing this, especially for those on a tight budget, is that it can all get a little expensive.

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Any business, which has been in business long enough, develops its own set of cliches. And if there were one business that was most prone to them, it had to be advertising. Let's quickly look at a few of them so as to banish them to hell the next time they are thrown at us.

I am sometimes asked, "Where is the best place to purchase a two-sided vinyl banner?" Of course, I am biased on the answer to this question, but I will attempt to put that aside to answer this question fairly and equitably. First, any company can claim to sell "wholesale" banners or signs or decals or displays, but where the rubber hits the road, if you're purchasing a product to re-sell to your client, is pricing, timing, and quality of the finished product.

Brands need to make a positive difference to society, over and above selling products and services. This means identifying the social mission at their heart, showing true commitment to it and letting it be known.

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A recent article in the Huffington Post stating that more and more recent college graduates are forgoing the traditional "brick-and-mortar" employment positions, opting instead to head immediately into freelancing. As both new and experienced webmasters, bloggers, and commercial online publishers begin to depend on the profitability of their online properties as their main source of income, selecting the most efficient ad server is a very critical decision and can often be very confusing.

Creating a successful advertising campaign is the ultimate game of understanding human behavior and what consumers find meaningful. Due to the fact that what's important to your customer today isn't even on their radar screen tomorrow, you must know your customer and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Many businesses use major holidays in their advertising campaigns. If you're interested in increasing your sales with door hanger advertising, consider taking advantage of these lesser known holidays.

Conference satchels are very handy promotional items that you can give away to events like conferences and trade shows. However, when you give away promotional bags, it is important that you carefully plan its design and your branding strategies. By doing so, you will be able to get the full attention not only from the attendees but also from spectators themselves.

We are all used to going online to be social and promote our goods and services. Too often we forget the "old ways" still work. Here are some ways to use offline marketing to enhance your promotional efforts.

I am often asked if there are more than one variety of PVC vinyl banners. If the meaning of this questions is in regards to weights or sizes or whether or not a banner can be printed on both sides or just one side, the answer is "yes." Conversely, if you are speaking of multiple types of vinyl, then the answer, for all intents and purposes, is "no."

The recent times have seen a whopping number of professionals declaring the death of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most of them state that quality content is enough to rule the ranks in SERPs. While it is true that content is the driving force behind the online activities, SEO is still an important requirement for high SERP rankings.

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First, I would have to ask why would you want to put a printed vinyl banner in a lake in the first place? Are you advertising to aircraft that are flying overhead? Or boaters going by on the lake or river or ocean? Or are you afraid that it may fly off your large boat (maybe it's for sale and you have a banner attached to the side of your craft).

What will the advertising landscape look like in 2014? How will consumers find the products and services they want now and in the future? Here are some of the trends every advertising agency in the country is watching closely.

An ad server is a software platform. An ad server tracks the distribution and placement of advertisements. Most ad serving companies provide suggestions and reports on improving the campaign performance in the future. In this article, we will see the advantages of having ad servers.

Shared accommodation is indeed one of the best options to students or individuals working in distant places away from home as it could cut costs on their living either by sharing the property they have rented or looking out for shared accommodation offered by others. The best source to find suitable shared accommodation is definitely the online resource where many websites post listings of these available homes for the interested parties. If you have already rented a room or flat you can post your advertisement online to check out interested people who wish to become your roommate.

There are several ways by which you can advertise your needs. Ad posting sites offer the perfect solution for buying or selling or just to inform people about something. Firstly, you have to make a note of reputed websites that require minimal information for registration.

Internet advertising agencies have one of the oldest services in the form of email marketing. One of the most important reasons due to which email marketing is still popular is that it is a completely non intrusive form of internet advertising.

Marketing and advertising are all about investments. At this point, any business owner needs to catch their potential customers' attention immediately and do business with them. This highlights the importance of professional flyer designs for marketing purposes.

Most businesses these days are outsourcing their marketing plans because of the obvious benefits. Commendable outsourcing services increase the flexibility of a firm's promotional plans and provide them with a much needed competitive edge. They reduce overhead expenses and bring about considerable improvement in sales and revenue. Focused marketing is important in order to get desired results and thus outsourcing it to renowned marketers is definitely a smart choice.

This article discusses the basic criteria to look for in choosing a video production company to film your next video. It provides helpful advice to help you decide how to choose which company you want to work with.

Getting your marketing right is crucial to the success of your business. Neglect your marketing and your going see your stream of enquires start to slow down. All businesses have to do marketing of some sort, some businesses for example a bespoke kitchen company may just rely on personal recommendations whereas a national energy provider may be looking to do much larger campaigns across a variety of different platforms.

Hats or caps are the only piece of fashion accessory that are essential for any sport. Every team in any sport in the USA and around the world has their own Custom Embroidered Hats that players wear on or off the field. In fact for many fans these caps are collector's items just like baseball cards.

Without a good marketing plan your business is going to go nowhere. Now I'm not saying you need to have some ultra flashy 20 page document on how you're going to market your business nor do you need to sign yourself up to some fancy marketing company who will charge you a bomb to do the most basic of tasks, things that you can do yourself and for free. That's right FREE.

The world is very competitive. Small and large businesses sink every day in the sea of competitors and markets worldwide. While having your own business can be very risky, it can be very rewarding as well. In order for your business to be successful, you have to let people know that you are out there and willing to do the best you can to gain new customers and keep their business.

Whether you are holding a fundraising event or simply want to raise awareness for a particular subject, it can be difficult to get enough attention from the right people. In fact, many people who decide to become involved in these kinds of events simply do not know where to start. There are a few things that you can do to get the word about your event spreading quickly.

When you have a brilliant and innovative idea, it can be hard to stay quiet about it. However, you need to approach the situation professionally and in good taste. It is always wise to have a plan and to practice the plan before you attempt to dish out your idea to anyone. There are certain things that you need to do in order to successfully present your ideas to a group of professionals or other important people.

As people get older, it can become harder to stay in touch with old friends that have meant so much throughout the years. People become busy with work and their own families and often lose touch with the people that once meant the most to them. Just a few actions here and there can help to keep those people in your life enough to let them know that you still think about them and care.

Using advertising products to promote businesses has already been proven to be an effective method in improving brand awareness. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you understand that the promotional industry is also shifting depending on the needs of the clients and the availability of technology. This is the reason why the trends in giving promotional products are changing such that giving away standard pens with your company's logo is no longer the norm followed today.

You've just started out with a small business and feel you need to grow financially before you venture out into advertising by means of using professional printing services! Well, think again.

Lack of knowledge can lead you to choose an inexperienced and unfit service. It becomes a truly complicating experience if one is unaware of what to look for in a printing service provider. It would be highly beneficial if you are able to come up with a list of the best vendors and make a comparison between them. This will enable you to choose the one that fits your requirement.

If you follow news in the internet marketing niche, you have likely already heard of the massive benefits some companies are reaping by using geo-targeting techniques to reach more specific segments of their demographic. Reaching the right people, who are already primed for your message, results in significant gains to both conversions and overall sales. Here are five specific geo-targeting techniques your business can use to help improve sales:

When writing copy for advertising and marketing, you really have to put some effort into reaching your potential customer. There is a formula which will greatly improve your results. This article will focus on that formula which consists of 5 parts. When these parts are combined, they create a compelling and effective method for getting real results from your efforts.

Are you looking to get more likes on Facebook? This article was written to help shed some light on strategies that will help you gain more fans. Brought to you by Anchor Social, a digital marketing & social media agency.

Since the turn of the millennium TV advertising has evolved to become the most cost-effective marketing platform available to smaller businesses on tighter budgets. This article assesses the reasons why TV is now the most efficient generator of business growth, and why committing to the launch of a targeted TV advertising campaign will not leave you at a financial deficit.

Giving away promo products to clients is a common marketing strategy. Unlike conventional advertising methods, promotional products are more effective because it relies on passive advertising. Although effective, there are many business owners who do not opt to give marketing products because they think that they cost a lot of money.

Using content as a means to increase online exposure while building trust with readers has become the norm for marketers! Read further to discover the 3 MOST critical components marketers must be aware of when using content for their marketing needs!

Call tracking is a multi-faceted system that helps businesses track calls from customers. It lets business managers know which of its marketing channels and marketing campaigns are delivering results.

In order to relate to your clients and to get acquainted with their customers, the copywriter needs to have empathy. Empathy is the ability to walk in another's shoes with understanding. You forget yourself and try to understand someone's feelings and experiences.

Can yellow pages be saved? Does anyone care any more?

Trade shows and fairs are the key points of interaction between buyers and sellers. Display and advertising at these places is key to getting attention from customers and the overall industry. While there are multiple tools available for branding and advertising, roll up banner stands are one of the most popular and effective mediums to use.

A rubber bracelet needs no introduction. Colored, flat bands sitting around the wrist are a common sighting these days. Many also choose to wear it around the forearm. It is a popular style statement and is worn by boys and girls alike. For many, they serve as mementos of important events in their lives.

Do you have a college degree in philosophy, history, literature, or art? You chose to train your mind to think in the abstract. In this new profession before writing anything, there is a lot of time spent researching and thinking about the idea behind the ad. If you want to copy write, regardless of your training, you learn to apply your old skills to this new endeavor. In this case, she was schooled in history and applies some of her history practices to developing attention-getting copy.

Online Advertising perhaps is the only advertising medium that keeps seeing so many changes within short periods of time, thereby requiring frequent reanalysis. While most of the changes are short lived, there are a few very vital changes that have held grounds in spite of almost every other element around them taking fast and frequent roads to changes.

Mobile has become an essential part of modern day living and the factor that contributed to it is not the attractive features but actually its mobility. The technology is still evolving and we will have more and better mobile devices soon.

There are lots of benefits of using promotional products. In fact, giving away small items like coffee mugs, pens and umbrellas can work wonders in advertising businesses. Promotional products are considered as one of the most important marketing strategies that entrepreneurs use in order to promote their products to their target audience.

Signs are used for many different things and they are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a business or just want a vehicle wrap to display your personality they choice is yours.

Working with an advertising agency is not as easy as we all hope it to be. This is not because it is hard to find the best to work with, but it is because promoting and advertising a product or service does not follow a rigid set of procedures. It is a dynamic process.

Depending on the banner stand, the exterior shell is usually aluminum or plastic (cheaper models will be plastic), the end caps are most often plastic, but some are aluminum, and the internal hardware is usually steel with plastic parts as well. As far as the graphics, there are four main options. The best quality in our view would be cloth fabric graphics, printed using the dye sublimation printing method. Dye sublimation is a print method that uses dye instead of ink, which, during the post printing process is put through heated pressurized rollers and is converted to a gaseous state.

Continue your strategy to upgrade the visibility you receive through networking to credibility that persuades clients to hire you, by adding an advertising campaign to your other brand advancement activities. Social media are popular content marketing outlets, but there is plenty of data to support the efficacy of traditional media, print and online. Step one is to identify your advertising objective, the audience you must reach and your ad budget. Next, craft a marketing message that conveys your objective to the target audience. Research media outlets within your budget and decide where and how often you can afford to advertise. Be mindful that frequency is a key component of every advertising campaign. Finally, hire a professional to design an ad that communicates the professionalism inherent in your brand.

Airport Advertising is a popular medium of launching new products and services and building the image of the brand in the Indian markets. The airports are a hub for affluent audiences and impressing them can be the big step in penetrating the markets in India.

I have already talked about the evolution of how and where to buy fabric or vinyl banner signs, particularly in the realm of color printing, and how we've gone from the sign shop as the middle man to the internet more or less cutting out the middle man, for better or for worse, and how to combat the "worse" part of this equation. Other questions have also come in regarding cost of various items, and one we get lots of questions on is retractable banners, pull-up banners, and roll-up banners, which, by the way, are the same item. Different online stores and different areas of the country call them different things, but ultimately, the name describes a banner that rolls up inside of a cartridge.

You can maximize the worth and value of your business's delivery vehicles by dressing them up in quality car wraps. Businesses are always looking for an edge in advertising. Buying ad time or placing ads can be costly and time-consuming.

Can You Imagine a World Without Billboards? No, I can't either! And I know there will be many people who would very much like a world without billboards. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay in many parts of the country and of the world.

We are asked, periodically, where to purchase dye sublimation printed fabric display banners, roll up banners, retractable banners, pull up banners, advertising banners, display banners, or vinyl banners. In the not-too-distant past, these items found mostly in the realm of your local sign company, who, lacking equipment to print full color banners, decals, or other signage, would go to their wholesale sources and "special order" these items for you.

This blog gives tips on the topic 'Future Trends In Advertising' to each and every ad agency present in the country. These tips will help them achieve their target and lead them to success.

Digital Marketing is the fastest changing media among all others. It takes just one minor change by a big fish like Google to send ripples of changes across the media. Thus, periodic analysis of such changes is necessary.

Sales can skyrocket when small businesses and professionals use retargeting. Learn what retargeting is, its cost advantages over other forms of marketing, and how it can increase the ROI on your other forms of advertising.

The fact that the image of a company directly influences the success and the sales that company manages to make is no longer a secret. People buy and trust beautifully packaged products and services and this is why so many resources are invested in promotional campaigns and branding. While your revenue depends on the trust you inspire to your customers, it is needless to ask why paying attention to details is essential for any business. Any fault a potential customer might find in your company, even if it has little or no connection with whatever services or products you offer, will crumple the image you have painstakingly built over the years.

Question: I'd like to purchase some advertising banners to advertise new products and services for our business. What are the best locations to place them? Answer: I need to give a multi-faceted answer to this question as there's a lot more than just placing banners where they can be seen. For instance, do your potential clients even need or want what you are offering? Or do you need to educate them on why they need what you're introducing to the market?