Organizing Business Cards for Effective Contact Management

Now that you've had colorful new business cards printed, and have been distributing them diligently, what do you do with the cards you collect from other people?

If you're like most people, you have a stack of rubber-banded cards floating around you desk. Or you have been using them as bookmarks, toothpicks, and used gum wrappers and they are all over your office, car, wallet and purse?

Without a good filing system, the information on those cards is useless. So clean out your desk and develop a system for prioritizing, organizing, and following up with those contacts.

High Tech or Old School?

There are two choices for organizing business cards:

  • The traditional way of keeping them in a card file
  • The contemporary method of keeping contact info on a computer file

When you return from a networking meeting or trade show, before you do anything else, update your contacts. Rank the cards you've collected in order of importance before you put them away. Separate warm leads who are likely to bring you business, people with whom you definitely want to follow up, and whose information you want at your fingertips. This can include prospects, people you will refer to others, or who will send referrals to you.

Don't be afraid to throw away cards from people you will never contact or refer. You can file cold leads somewhere else or toss them into the trash.

Know Your ABZ's...

How you alphabetize and file your cards is up to you. Decide how you remember information best -- whether it's by company names, people's names, or by category. Perhaps you are better able to find information if it is organized by region or department. Then, alphabetize them appropriately.

You might also file by date or by the event where you met the person. Just choose one way and stick to it. For instance, don't file some by last name and others by business name, or you'll never find what you're looking for in a pinch.

Electronic = Portable and Duplicable

Storing contact information on the computer keeps your office neater and is one more step toward the paperless office. For most people searching on computer is more efficient than rummaging through paper cards. In seconds, you can run a sort and locate contacts by company, name, dog's name, date you met, etc. If you bring work home with you, it's easy to duplicate your contact list, rather than hauling your entire Rolodex with you.

Storing info electronically is also effective for building mailing lists and printing labels. But remember, backup, backup, backup. I was a high-tech junkie until my hard drive crashed and I didn't have a backup of my computer database. Good thing I kept those hard copies!

There are numerous programs on the market to organize contact information, such as Act or Outlook. I put all of my information in Microsoft Access.

For a low-tech backup, I use a plastic card file box with alphabetical dividers, filing my cards by last name. I also prefer to use transparent sleeves to store business cards in, since I almost always file business cards instead of handwriting the information on blank cards. The sleeves are a uniform size, keeping the box tidy. But you may be different--any system will work, as long as you are consistent with it.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

Some people say you should keep every business card you have ever received, while others think you should throw away the cards you will never use. With the rapidity of people moving around and switching companies today, I throw away cards of contacts I haven't been in touch with for three years. By then their contact information has surely changed, so even if I did want to get in touch with them, it's not likely that I will.

If you insist on holding on to old information, archive those business cards in a separate database or card box. Since I make notes on the backs of cards when I meet people, I always know the date when I first made contact; notes also help refresh my memory of people I haven't been in close contact with.

Finally, remember to follow up with your contacts! Keep a schedule and goals for making contact by phone calls, emails, or snail mail. Periodically go through your filing system and update or delete old information. The reason you store this information is to keep in touch with people -- use your new organizing system to stay efficient and your business will thrive!

Do your business cards work as hard as you do to gain new contacts? If not, you need cards that will grab attention and spur curiousity.

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Being average in advertising may get a few people interested in your service or product, but it is not going to get you to the top in business. To stay current, many advertising agents are incorporating slang and tech words into their messages.

If you spend any amount of time online, you know that video ads are now a regular part of internet browsing. It is the movement and sound of a video that often makes people take notice in a way that they would not have if the ads were static. If you are thinking of creating a video ad, you will want to make sure that people actually watch it as opposed to closing it as fast as possible.

All well-known, big name brands spend large amounts of money on online advertising. You might wonder why a company that is so successful needs to spend money on ads. Interestingly, the reasons for doing so are the same as for those businesses who are small or who are just getting started. It is for this reason that online advertising keeps growing year after year.

As much as people may complain about the internet being full of advertising, they cannot deny the fact that they are influenced by the things they see. If nobody paid attention to ads, they would disappear overnight, but the fact is that online advertising boosts leads, sales, and brand recognition among other things.

If you want to advertise your product or service, a text ad can be very effective. A text ad is similar to a classified ad on newspaper with significant improvements for the digital age. Often, it is displayed on search results when people type in a query into a search engine. That is search advertising. For example, if you search for a phone, you can find ads from compatible wireless carriers.

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Making a pitch is an art and advertising agencies have to master the same if they want to get more clients and big business. Advertising pitches are constituted of the basic proposals of any creative advertising agency in Mumbai with regard to marketing and promoting services and products.

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Hiring experienced trade show models can help your firm reduce expenses while increasing leads that will give you revenue. It is important to hire the right staff to portray the desired image of your company.

Have you ever asked someone to lunch, asked where they'd like to go? When they answer, try following up with these questions. When was the last time you were there? When was the last time you went someplace else?

These days, a solid creative brief is highly sought after, but not always so readily found. There are a number of different factors that can derail the process of writing a brief: lack of knowledge of the client's business or market, tight deadlines raising the pressure, laziness, and poor management or creative direction. However, when done right, everyone benefits. Here is a guide to keep you on track in the writing process.

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With the rapid evolution of technology today, individuals demand simple-to-use solutions at work in the similar way as they benefit from them in their personal lives. In-order to assist companies to deal with their user experience (UX) challenges, SAP is driving a "new, renew, and enable" policy. While reviving existing screens through solutions like SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas, SAP is chasing a customer-grade experience for all new applications.

You want to promote your company and product in an effective and cost-efficient way. This is perfectly possible with the use of personalised ribbon. It grabs the attention. It is elegant and beautiful. It will certainly help people to memorise the name, logo and colours of your company. Find out how to make the most out of it.

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Using of promotional inflatable items as attention grabbing tools can help you derive great results from your business promotions. Although they are quite cheaply priced, they never fail to grab the attention of your potential customers. Advertising with inflatable products is the best way to address your customers, promote your company name, and draw their attention to any specific event.

Customized beach balls make excellent promotional items, especially with the holiday season coming up soon. Not only do these balls promote your business successfully, people truly enjoy themselves while using them. Although they are called as the beach balls, we use them just about anywhere like gardens, lawns, backyard pools, picnics, and parks.

Investing on sports promotional items for advertising pays great returns. It works well for businesses of all sizes, be it small new businesses or multi million corporate houses. Generally, companies use TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc to promote their services and products.

Everyone enjoys promoting their business. It is something they have created and it is quite a proud moment if you are showing off what you can do as you get a sense of satisfaction that you have finally made it.

This article will discuss the different types of professional videos. With the advancement of media production technology, video has become an affordable method of sending message to the masses.

Lawn signs have long been used for election campaigns. If used creatively, they can have a massive impact on brand promotion and advertising while upping brand recall value.

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So Who Uses Twitter and Why? When I originally signed up for twitter a few years ago, I only used it to creep on public figures I admire, Well, and maybe some ex-boyfriends. But what I did discover is that twitter is a great research and marketing tool. Twitter users not only follow celebrities, they follow brands. Since so many twitter users follow brands it makes sense for marketers to be on twitter; it is targeted for businesses.

Advertising is the process of creating positive imagery for a product or service. Advertising and Public Relations firms help companies, non-profits and governments manage everything from speeches, to the look of brochures, and to major crises.

Running of OOH Campaigns successfully is usually associated with high visibility. Covering vast areas of viewership and for long periods of time is the specialty of OOH or Outdoor Advertising.

This article will discuss how you can organize a product launching event and improve your presentation with a corporate video production. A product launch is an excellent method to get the public aware about your new product.

The art of advertising for products has been a necessary tool among businesses since time immemorial. Advertising new products increases the dominance of a company and edges them from rival companies. The increasing competition among mainstream companies has seen the rise of custom promotional products to build brand awareness among consumers and potential clients.

When you are able to obtain advertisers for your website, you will hope they stay with you for an extended period of time. The security provided by the continuous weekly or monthly payments is reassuring. This is especially true in the volatile online advertising market, where many advertisers will change sites with great ease if simply given a better offer elsewhere.

One of the biggest mistakes I come across with small businesses, is the fact that they don't know who their prospects or customers are. But even worse, they don't know how to get a hold of their prospector customers when they want to communicate with them. Not collecting prospect or customer contact information is one of the biggest mistakes local advertisers make.

One of the biggest mistakes in small business advertising, is thinking that your business and advertising message will appeal to everyone. The fact is that when you try to advertise to everybody, you effectively advertising to nobody. Advertising messages that focuses on everyone are typically too watered down or even confusing for maximum impact.

Most small businesses are making major mistakes in their advertising. By avoiding these seven mistakes, businesses can learn to stop wasting money on bad ads, and generate better results from their advertising efforts.

One of the major mistakes that many businesses make in their advertising is not understanding the true value of their customers. Look, if you are a new business, you might not even be aware of what the true value of a customer means or how it affects your business. If this is the case, you should understand that customers are like the other business assets - they have a value over their lifetime.

So times are slow, huh? I guess it must be time to role up the welcome mat and call it a day. And, while your at it, stop advertising, because, well, who needs to know about your business anyway, right?

For many small businesses, creating a great ad is a huge task on its own. But one very important element in promoting a business online is to ensure that you are using an effective landing page, where visitors are directed to after seeing your ad. Too often, the landing page is an afterthought, or it's completely overlooked, with many ads sending visitors to the business's main web page, which includes little or no direction about how they should proceed.

Small business owners are often stuck in a tough place when it comes to their advertising. Either they design their own ads or they rely on advertising salespeople to have their company's "art department" create the ad for them. And, unfortunately, the resulting ads are frequently not effective.

Is your business getting limited results from advertising? One place to look when this happens is how widely your advertising message is spread. Many businesses who face this problem tend to focus on only one form of advertising, therefore limiting their reach.

Companies depend on name tags not only for customer service, but also for good human resource management in their various departments. Every now and then an organization goes through some form rebranding in order to actualize the business image for the audience. The slightest change in the design, logo or company colors will trigger a chain reaction from the largest to the smallest of business aspects.

Advertising strategies for products and services do not necessarily have to be expensive any longer. The use of Social Media advertising campaigns can yield good results, complete with sales lead information. Companies today need to consider this type of advertising vehicle to reach their target customers.

Health care marketing has some of the most complex regulations and ethical concerns of any industry. By maintaining transparency and using an honest approach, marketers can be successful and ethical.

About a year and a half ago a new Italian restaurant opened in my town. The food was good but the menu was not special. In about two months, the crowd got smaller and it didn't take very long before the owner Joey was hurting for lack of business.

Shade cloth is not merely used for shelter against the blistering sunlight. It can be an effective advertising material. It is a cost-efficient option. You can print the name of your company, product and brand with some graphics on the fabric. Hang it on the building windows so the information can be seen by many people. These potential customers may not even visit your outlet. However, they will know the merchandise that you offer.

The last two decades have witnessed phenomenal technology advances that have changed the globe completely. One area that has definitely enjoyed this revolution is digital photography. Today you can enjoy high quality pictures from a digital printing service and at amazing prices.

How does advertising affect you and your children? What type of needs does it satisfy for us? How can marketers use advertising in order to predict the purchasing behavior?

Designing effective street signs is an art. These are a few rules of thumb that you can keep in mind while designing roadside signage.

The fact that the internet has become one of the biggest sources of information and a very important tool for many people is no longer a secret. If only a few years ago people used to look for ads in the newspapers, these days, specialised websites have gained an immense popularity and everyone uses the internet to sell or buy various things. But what can you do in the sea of online classified ads to make yours stand out and convince potential buyers to choose you over others? For starters, if you are selling a product, a picture is always worth 1000 words and has higher chances of convincing people. However, just any picture will not always do.

Companies are utilizing the advanced skills of trade show models and agencies to improve their results. four upcoming trade shows with high attendance are expecting larger attendance as competition increases.

"Sex sells" is one of the most common phrases in the world of advertising. But does it, really? Is sex a way of influencing our purchasing actions?

Do you want to know what my favorite way of marketing online? It is hands down paid advertising. You get instant traffic, sometimes people buy right away, and sometimes you get immediate sales when you suggest a product after your first one.

A good website is important in this day and time because it's the means of how people are likely to find you. Most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, so it is vital the you have a good website. Before building your website, it is important to understand some basic tips to ensure success.

We've all heard of subliminal advertising. But does it work on Twitter timeline? Can an update on Twitter have an effect on our brain?

In this free report, I'm going to share with you 7 incredibly powerful tips to start using immediately so you can build much more massive wealth in your business. Really, when you think about it, having good advertising that converts is a no-brainer. However, if that is true, then why does it seem like many advertisements we see have no brain behind them? Keep reading...

Many people come face-to-face with disappointing sales reports and try to imaging something that will literally make sales boom off the charts. Inevitably, they come to the question of whether sex in some form or another would give things a boost.

Scrap metal prices are highly volatile. Most dealers try and keep a standard but, it's highly unlikely as they offer prices based on the international and domestic market values. Whatever the conditions, that determines the prices, as a customer it can be difficult to really understand what your metal is worth but some factors are mentioned in this article to give you a fair idea.

Are you a Divergent fan? Your customers might be. Learn how to sort your clients into factions and understand their needs.

Business owners keep experimenting with new ways to market their business. Corporate video is one such business-marketing tool that plays a vital role in maintaining and presenting the real position of a business in front of its targeted customers.

Back in the good old days (10 years ago), we could be assured that nearly every email or newsletter sent would be received, opened and read on a desktop or laptop computer. Well, those days are coming to an end. Today, email messages are more likely to be opened and read on a Smartphone than on a desktop or laptop computer.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The average tenure of today's CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) is 18-22 months. One major driver is the fear of taking creative risks. Ironically, it is the problem of producing mediocrity that is the true risk for brands and brand owners.

Advertising (or SADvertising as it is being called these days) that strikes a strong emotional piano chord and opens up the tear ducts travels, fast, wide and deep. Empathy meets exponential sharing, opens up a floodgate of brand conversations, triggers otherwise hard to come by response, sustains brand dialogue and keeps all stakeholders be it brand owners, ad agencies or end users, happy (ironic as it may sound!).

If truth be told, internet users have developed something of a love/hate relationship with online advertising. You often hear people complain about the presence of ads when they visit a website, but those very same people will also tell you about a great deal that they got by clicking on one of those ads. The fact of the matter is that online advertising works and is a great source of income for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Presentation is always important no matter whether you offer tangible products or services. You will certainly find personalised ribbon to be useful for your service business. Find out why you should make it part of your marketing and advertising strategy and how to do it.

Decals are a great way to grab your customers' attention, especially in out-of-home marketing applications. Out-of-home marketing means any advertisements or messages your customers see while they're out and about - radio ads, billboards, and promotional signs. While billboards, banners, and sidewalk signs can be great for helping customers find your front door, what's next?

Revitalize your trade show display graphics today! This article speaks to the truths about old, worn graphics and the benefits that new graphics can bring to your trade show exhibit, and organization.

There is great, there is good and there is average (ok). Superlative. Comparative. Relative. Most of us want to (at least there is good enough intent!) do good work and over a period of time how that transmits to average and below remains an unsolved mystery. Have we ever started out saying; Lets do some Great Work? No one came into the profession thinking 'I really want to produce work that's a bit meh, a bit vanilla, that makes no impact on the world and sinks without a trace.' So how come we don't see brave creative work that often?

Businesses are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to appeal to their targets. A unique approach does get noticed more, and when done efficiently, can become much more effective than traditional methods. With evolution in technology, today we have a smart way to do just about anything.

Once you have established your cleaning business, you will need to focus your attempts on finding clients. There are numerous ways to do this. Some of them require a big portion of your marketing budget, most will need an investment of your money, but the day your reputation gets built, your business will continue to expand because of referrals from your contented clients, and you will need to spend less or no money on marketing.

The main point is that subliminal advertising can be very powerful; but, since it works with the unknown, its results are very unpredictable. Find out why.

To maximize the effectiveness of your lawn sign, there are a few bits of information that you absolutely must include on it. Create a sign that connects to your brand and is easy to remember and you will have a winning proposition at hand.

Everything is in place. Location is set. Permits are distributed. Vendors are flocking. The event is turning heads and anyone within a one-mile radius is eager to engage with the brand.

Businesses hardly leave any opportunity to promote their services, irrespective their size. Before the inception of the World Wide Web, the marketing techniques were restricted to electronic and print media. But the trend of having a website gradually gained more prominence, owning to the current demand. However, this is no longer a fertile ground because all businesses now have websites to reach out their virtual customers. So now what? It's time to explore other strategies, which calls for Business Listings. This is just the online version of the printed form of the Yellow Pages. Promotion through this method is simple yet important.

With an increasing number of people venturing on the path of entrepreneurship, the competition in the business world is certainly rising. However, excelling in the increasingly competitive business world is not at all easy. Along with profits and fame, the company owners might have to face losses as well. At such times, it proves helpful to have an experienced and renowned incorporation service by your side, which can guide you at every step.

The radio commercial copywriter who wrote this ad really knows drive away listeners with just a few words. The leading radio advertising expert explains why this retail spot for is a flop.

The marketing and advertising industry offers a diverse range of interesting opportunities for professionals in the field to choose from. The options are so many that it actually becomes difficult for a person to decide where he wants to go.

How often have you seen an advert that's really caught your attention, be it on TV, the web or increasingly on our mobile devices? Now I'll ask the question the other way round 'how often do you read bland and boring adverts', can you remember any or can you even recall the business or product name? The answer is most likely NO!

Businesses often struggle with getting online exposure. Having a beautiful, amazing website doesn't necessarily result in exposure. Here are a few tips that can help your business and website get more traffic!

A popular destination for holidaying in the Mediterranean is Cyprus. In the Mediterranean Sea this island is the third largest. At Limassol also known as Lemessos, Agia Napa and Pafos there are a number of resorts and hotels to access. Nightlife is fantastic in Agia Napa, while Pernera and Protaras has a beautiful coastline. Besides this there are apartments, villas, condos, bed and breakfast arrangements and holiday rentals also available.

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type. Here are some of the basic typographic considerations that we, as well as professional designers, follow.

If you're planning to engage in some corporate video production, you can make yours better than average by putting a bit more effort into the basics and paying attention to the small details. The creative elements will also play a significant role in how your video comes off to the audience.

Starting a video production company can be gratifying and, if you do it right, quite profitable. However, it's not for everyone and you should understand what's going to be expected of you if you decide to open your doors as a video production service.

Thousands of companies rely on different media to increase their brand visibility and reach their target audience. Radio, television and the internet are main sources for reaching audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

The internet has created the seeming need for instant gratification. This is even true in advertising, where companies will consider a particular ad strategy dead in the water if it does not deliver right away. As fast as the internet moves, there are factors that can come into play in determining the success or failure of your ad. Here are five things to consider before you decide that the ad you have out there is not working as it should.

When it comes to having ads displayed on their pages, website owners have a couple of different options to choose from. They can either get the ads through a network or sell space on their site directly to the advertiser. There are those that use both methods, but what many of them find is that it is much more beneficial to steer away from the ad networks and sell advertising directly.

There are a number of different ways to make money from your website that go beyond the mere selling of your own goods and services. One method that many busy sites employ is the use of ads, with many setting up a dedicated space on their site where advertisers can place their ads. One of the problems that comes when going this route is making sure that the ads do not overpower the site, as there are many visitors who would just as soon spend their time at a site that is ad free.

Whenever you create an ad, you need to make sure that the results are measurable so that you can get a real sense of what's working for you and what isn't. Not every ad is going to be a winner, but you need to be able to understand what went wrong before you replace the existing ad with something new or attempt to tweak it in one way or another.

Most businesses nowadays prefer using banners made from vinyl for advertising their products and services. What makes vinyl banners so popular is the range of benefits they offer to the users.

Online Advertising Agencies have quite a few issues with Google's Knowledge Graph. Though the graph intends to help the user in finding the exact information as soon as possible, it has left open a few grey areas in the online world. The most important of them is the use of content from a website.

If you are an existing company or a new company looking for cost-effective ways of getting the word out about your company's brand and products/services, it is about time you exploit the opportunities offered by promotional gift items. Generally, you cannot go wrong with custom tee and promotional water bottles. Regardless of what type of business you are involved in, perhaps an auto dealership, advertising company, fitness center, bank, restaurant, winery, museum, supermarket, golf course, hospital, country club or a sports team, promotional items offer an effective promotional gift item.

Outdoor advertisement can be a very costly affair if not planned and executed in the right manner. One method of outdoor advertisement that has been adopted by a number of companies due to its cost and effectiveness is the use of lighted signs. But the effectiveness of these lights will not be realized if certain factors are not taken into consideration while putting them up.

With all of the media player options available, finding the right one for your deployment can be a daunting task. There are dozens and dozens of different media player manufacturers to choose from, offering everything from SoC appliances, embedded PCs, small form factor systems, servers, standard PCs and even laptops.

Creative Sign Ideas to promote your business and drive customers to your location. Pay attention to your business and what your building/storefront says to your potential customers. Are you taking advantage of the traffic in front of your business every day?

The retail sector is highly competitive these days and this creates an increasing demand for labels on products that are very effective. The only way businesses can thrive is by surviving the competition and this calls for flawless advertising in the form of custom label services.